Innovative software is at the heart of the NVIDIA DRIVE? platform, helping both the vehicle and the driver better perceive and respond to their environment. DRIVE Software encompasses multiple open and customizable layers, including an array of redundant and diverse deep neural networks that power surround perception, driver monitoring, natural language processing and more.


    DRIVE AV Safety Force Field

    NVIDIA Safety Force Field is a computational defensive driving policy developed to shield autonomous vehicles from collisions.


    With the industry-leading compute performance enabled by DRIVE hardware, the NVIDIA DRIVE AV software stack powers functions necessary for full autonomous driving, from perception, to localization, to path planning.


    The NVIDIA DRIVE IX intelligent experience software development kit enables the development of AI assistants for both drivers and passengers. It uses data from sensors tracking the driver and the surrounding environment to keep drivers alert, anticipate passengers’ needs, and provide insightful visualizations of every journey.

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